Wax Upgrades

With any of our service you can choose to upgrade the wax used to a premium product at an extra cost. 

This upgrade will last longer the the normal wax we use.

We have a selection of waxes to choose depending on the desired finish.

Priced at £30 (included with all detailing services)

When upgrading to a premium wax, We use Dodo-Juice Supernatural,

Supernatural Wax has no added colourings or fragrances to make it as pure - and effective - as possible. Together with an increased amount of T1 grade carnauba carried within a gentle solvent, it means that this award-winning wax has incredible optical purity. 


Priced at £60.00

Super Premium wax we use is Swisswax Best Of Show

'Swissvax Best of Show' Wax gives your paintwork a lustre and depth of shine usually only encountered on prize winning classics. 

Enriched with passion fruit and apricot extracts, this highly-concentrated formulation contains 51% of purest yellow grade-one carnauba wax by volume.

Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic coatings can be applied to any surface & provide the very best in protection. You can choose to swap out any normal products in our services to be upgraded to a ceramic coating.

  • Wheel Coating £50.00 
  • Plastic Trims £30.00
  • Exterior Paintwork £175.00






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